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* - Exploring the drivers of and barriers to more sustainable food supply chains
* - A Baseline Study of Munaka Rice Out-Growers. Bunyala, Kenya. A UNITAR project
Baseline survey Report Bunyala Final march 2010.pdf
* - Building social capital for agricultural innovation
* - Improving the Decision Making Capacity of small-scale Farmers in Response to Future Climate Impact in the Flood Prone Bunyala Plains of W-Kenya. Literature Study UNITAR project
Bunyala Kenya lit study final.pdf
* - ?ssessment of Resources, Markets and the Potential for Market Development in value added Cassava products in West Africa.
* - Co-opertives and Fair-Trade. COPAC
* - Sustainable Coffee in the Mainstream. Costa Rica
* - Effects of environmental measures on the sustainability indicators health and quality.
* - Are Horticultural Exports a Replicable Success Story? Evidence from Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire.
* - N-Sudan. Annex to: Report of a soil survey / land Suitability study in the area round Kassala,special for Bananas. Results of Soil Analysis in the Netherlands.
Extra Annex soil results Netherlands jellema.pdf
* - Impacts of Global Climate Change on the water resources of the Bunyala Plains Kenya
* - Ethical Supply Chains in the Cocoa, Coffee and Tea Industries
* - Transforming International Product Chains into Channels of Sustainable Production.
* - Malawi Chitunda project proposal CCAP
Malawi Chitunda Project proposal CCAP.pdf
* - Malawi,Landbouwkundige haalbaarheidsstudievoor een project in Chitunda
Rapport Malawi Chitunda haalbaarheids onderzoek.pdf
* - N-Sudan. Land suitability study for Bananas Kassala area
report soil survey Kassala N-Sudan Harco jellema.pdf
* - Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture and Poverty Reduction in Africa
* - Sustainable agriculture: small-scale farmers in developing countries amidst of new international perspectives
Track proposal 16th Sustainable Development Conference 2010.pdf
* - A workshop report on climate change & Development in the Bunyala Flood plain-Budalangi, Kenya. A Unitar project
Workshop BunyalaJan2010_ final report.pdf