some recent studies:
  1. Senegal, Soil Survey / soil fertility study for Bananas , Tambacounda area 
  2. Peru & Ecuador, Soil Survey / soil fertility study for Bananas,  Piura  (P) and Machala (E)  area. ,
  3. India: Feasibility study for a center of excellence in dairy production

  4. Peru: Performance assessment of dairy farms in around Arequipa

  5. Ethiopia: Possibilities for a dairy production outreach programme of a veterinarian faculty

  6. D.R. Congo, Soil survey / soil fertility study for Maize and Cassava, Kenge area
  7. N-Sudan, Soil Survey /Land Suitability survey for Bananas  Kassala area
  8. Malawi, Land suitability survey / Economic survey: feasibility of a demonstration farm in the village of Chitunda
  9. Kenia, Climate Change study, Bunyala Flood plain. UNITAR /ACCCA Project
  10. Cameroon, Land Suitability study: with a view to setting up Commercial Horticulture in the Bangangte area. 
  11. W-Ghana area, Various agricultural surveys and economic assessments in the area of Cassava, Palmoil, and Pineapple.
  12. Sao Tomé, upgrading Cacao production
SANET - Sustainable Agriculture Support Network - the Netherlands