The SANET way

SANET looks at the agricultural sector as a system. It consists of different production sectors each with their chain of operations from input delivery (including public and private services) through primary production to marketing involving different kinds of (sometimes very elaborate) processing. Depending on the business environment, new sectors may emerge while others disappear. These movements relate to economic factors such as land, labour and product prices influenced by changing consumer preferences and (national and international) government policies. Government policies may also stimulate or discourage certain sectors depending on the rules and regulations which result from existing environmental policies.

SANET is keen to give support to the selection of sound agricultural investments in a particular country by taking into account these economic and policy conditions. A good   understanding of local conditions and use of local experience will be helpful in making the right decisions. Moreover, at the level of individual projects, SANET will see to a good performance in terms of the triple bottom-line People, Planet and Profit. Furthermore, a broad view on the agricultural system requires that agribusiness activities are considered in a coherent way involving areas such as forestry, aquaculture and the like. This seems to call for an integrated approach to production based on strong (both private and public) partners along the supply chain.
SANET - Sustainable Agricuture Support Network - the Netherlands