Ir. Harco W.F. Jellema Msc  [tropical agronomist & soil scientist]

Harco Jellema was born in 1947 in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Academic education at Wageningen University the Netherlands as a tropical agronomist with specialization in tropical soil science and soil fertility (Ir. = MSc).
Started his career in West Africa in S?o Tomé e Principe, to set up an agricultural department for soil science and soil fertility which included a soil lab and several field experiments. After this project he took up a teaching career at "Van Hall Larenstein, University for applied Sciences? in 1981. First as lecturer tropical soil science and soil fertility and the last 10 years as a member of the management team. During these years he was sent out as a senior expert to Africa several times. He was supporting students for their final thesis and responsible for the program Tropical Agriculture. He finished in 2005 as deputy director and started as independent consultant. Since then he has visited a lot of countries in Africa and Latin America to advice agricultural projects, part taking from the beginning and selecting areas and also during the implementation of the project itself. He is a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS).

Ir. Arnold van Wulfften Palthe Msc [agricultural economist]
was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 1 September 1946. A graduate in agricultural economics and farm economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, his work experience inculdes anumber of posts within the Netherlands, in Africa and in Asia. As a member of the Dutch volunteer organization, SNV, he worked in Cameroon as a adviser to the department of cooperatives. He worked with FAO's Farm Management Division in Rome and the Dutch consultancy firm, Euroconsult, as an agricultural economist, on long-term assignments in Thailand, Iraq, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Chad. In 1992 , he joined the faculty of van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. In addition to teaching, his responsibilities involved the setting up new courses. He also carried out consultancy work for the University in China, Ethiopia and Central Asia.

 Ir. Johan H.Koeslag MSc (Tropical Animal Production)
Johan was born in 1945 in The Netherlands. In 1971 he obtained his Ir. (=MSc) degree in tropical animal production at Wageningen      University  in the Netherlands. After his graduation he worked for 15 years in Latin America (Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia), employed by FAO and the NL Government. He was involved in applied research, education and extension training, mainly in dairy production.    From 1985 till 2005, he was a lecturer at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science teaching Dutch and international students in tropical animal production. He carried out consultancy missions to several countries in Latin America (Costa Rica, Mexico), Asia (China, Indonesia), Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Ukraine) and Africa (Zambia, Tanzania, etc.).   After his retirement he became a volunteer for PUM, Netherlands Senior Experts. He carried out about 50 missions in the field of animal production in countries like China, India, Indonesia, Algeria, Morocco, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.