Sustainable chain management

In a chain the final product can be clearly defined while its quality can be judged. However, for a great part the way it is made while passing through the chain is not visible to the final consumer. Many commodities are the final outcome of European or wider international chains governed by many rules, while their sustainability is far from evident.

A commodity?s sustainability is dependent on many individual decisions at different stages and levels. Gaining insight in it and taking steps to makes things better require from entrepreneurs daring, creativity and a capacity to innovate.

Sustainable Chain Management does not know a static end result. Time and again the question should be asked what can be done to enhance sustainability. This requires an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment from all sides.

SANETlink and Sustainable Chain Management

For SANET it is crucial to realise that a responsible social and environmental policy is not just a matter of compliance with existing regulations.

Laws and rules are important but they tend to be rigid and limited at the same time, as they tend not to take into account a company?s specific circumstances. Business leaders are capable of doing that. This is what SANET wishes to support.
SANET - Sustainable Agriculture Support Network - the Netherlands