Welcome at SANET a Dutch Non Profit Organisation

SANET - Sustainable Agriculture Support Network - the Netherlands
SANET is a non-profit organisation that seeks to support sustainable development in agriculture and food production drawing on its network of experts and knowledge institutions. Wherever deemed useful, it is prepared to make its network contacts available to third parties to achieve its objectives.
SANET's expertise focuses on giving advice and executing audits / consultancies in the field of tropical agriculture and related supply chains. Some of our areas of interest are:
  • tropical agronomy
  • tropical animal production
  • land suitability surveys
  • soil and soil fertility research
  • communities development
  • market and supply chain development
  • organizing small farmers and connecting them to markets (farm economics)
 Feel free to contact us:  info@sanetlink.nl
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 Workshop Bunyala Kenya UNITAR ACCCA proj. January 2010